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SunnyCare® Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves X-Large Powder Free. SunnyCare® Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves X-Large ... SunnyCare® Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves X-Large Powder Free Color: Cobalt Blue Thickness: 3.5 MIL Usage: (Medical Grade) Powder Free Packaging: 100pcs/bx & 10bx/cs ... Add to Wishlist. Product added!

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10. glove is easily donned and is soft for comfortable wear. Low modulus technology. It is odor free and non-tacky. 11. The 12 Inch Length affords the user basic protection in the medical use area as a Patient Examination Glove. 12. The NITRILE glove, is one of the best materials to replace Latex, avoiding the


SPECIFICATION FOR BASIC MEDICAL NITRILE PF EXAMINATION GLOVES SYNGUARD, NGPF7000 Series 1.0 Product: Nitrile, Basic Label, Powder Free, Textured, 9” length, Blue, Examination use 2.0 Physical Dimensions: Size Length (mm) (min) Width (mm) Weight (Gram) Thickness (mm) (min) Palm Finger XS 230 70±10 2.8 0.05 0.07

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types of disposable medical gloves are examination gloves and surgical gloves and they are available ... FREE NITRILE GLOVES Easier to make than accelerator-free NR gloves and are ... USFDA Labelling Requirements for Medical Gloves Name and place of business. Country of origin. ,GHQWLW\ RI SURGXFWV ° 0XVW EH VSHFL½F

Assessment of the Durability of Medical Examination Gloves

some aspects of medical glove durability.(3) Several studies have examined the failure rates of differ-ent medical gloves under simulated and actual clinical use. Those studies indicate an average after-use failure rate of 41% for vinyl gloves, 10% for latex gloves, and 2% for nitrile gloves.(4–13) The majority of defects are located in the fin-

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NON-PYROGENIC Quantity of pieces in box/box: 100 / 1000; XL: 90/900 200 / 2000; XL: 180/1800 Compliance standards: EN 455, ASTM D6319, ISO 11193−1. Open the catalog to page 1. VM® Nitrile Examination Gloves Index No. Glove dimensions (min. mm) Length Single wall thickness (min. mm) Finger Palm Powder free ٠Finger textured ٠ Non-sterile 981 ...

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PURPLE NITRILE* Exam Gloves have an AQL of 1.0 for critical defects. This means that PURPLE NITRILE* Exam Gloves are significantly less likely to have critical defects than exam gloves that just meet the ASTM 2.5 AQL requirement. Meets or exceeds ASTM D6319 - Standard Specification for Nitrile Examination Glove for Medical Applications

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1.1 This specification provides certain requirements for nitrile rubber gloves used in conducting medical examinations and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 1.2 This specification covers nitrile rubber examination gloves that fit either hand, paired gloves, and gloves by size. It also provides for packaged sterile or nonsterile or bulk non-

Understanding glove certification

Medical Device Directive Gloves EN455 Are SELF Certified. Not submitted for EC type examination. Object is care of the patient For Patient protection Medical Device Directive Gloves EN455 Are SELF Certified. Not submitted for EC type examination. Object is care of the patient For Patient protection Medical Device gloves are self-certified

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Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves NON-STERILE Along with the durability and strength of nitrile, these gloves were tested using ASTM standards for permeation against 65 chemotherapy drugs and chemicals* Their ambidextrous design with textured fingertips and beaded cuff ensure a sturdy, . comfortable product, combining safety and tactile sensitivity.

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ETS Blue Powder Free Nitrile Patient Examination Glove Device Non-sterile, single-use, powder-free nitrile patient examination gloves Description: (blue color), that meet requirements of ASTM D6139-10. Intended Use: A powder-free patient examination glove is a disposable device intended for medical purposes that is worn on the examiner's hand ...

Clinical review: Examination gloves

therefore used in practice as a ‘medical glove’. This product review will be split into two sections. The first will focus on non-sterile examination gloves made of a range of materials. The definition of these is: “ Non-sterile examination gloves are made of nitrile, vinyl or latex, usually

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the user from cross-contamination. It also covers rubber gloves intended for use in handling contaminated medical materials and gloves with smooth surfaces or with textured surfaces over all or part of the glove. This part of ISO 11193 is intended as a reference for the performance and safety of rubber examination gloves.

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Medical Exam Gloves › Nitrile From proprietary nitrile formulations to economical vinyl, there's a Halyard Medical Exam Glove that's right for every clinical task.